Welcome to St. Fintan’s National School, Sutton. This web page is for parents who are new to the school, specifically those with children starting in Junior Infants in September.  We do not aim to be all inclusive; the school provide a comprehensive welcome pack which is usually given out at the welcome morning in mid June, however, we thought it would be beneficial for new parents to have access to some of this information at an earlier stage.
Much of the school backround is available at
www.stfintansns.ie. Here you can find the Mission Statement, History of the school, calender for the year and Staff lists. The full texts of the school policies are also available there.

St Fintan’s National School is a Catholic primary school and the enrolment policy reflects this. You will be asked to provide your child’s Baptism certificate and proof of your address.

The school caters for (in order of priority):
  • Brothers and sisters of children in the school. 
  • Catholic children of the parish (including children of Travelling Community resident within the parish). 
  • Catholic children who live outside the parish and do not have a catholic school in their parish. 
  • All children who live within the parish boundaries but are not Catholic are entitled to a place if there are vacancies after groups one to three have been allocated places. 
  • All children who apply to the school and are not Catholics and not residents within the parish boundaries are entitled to a place in the school if there are vacancies in the school after the groups from one to four have allocated places. 
  • Children of the staff of St Fintan’s.

If there is pressure for places in the school, the oldest children will be given priority.

8.50am                           School Commences

10.15 – 10.30am              Morning Break

12.05 – 12.30pm              Lunch Break

1.30pm                            Junior and Senior Infant classes finish
2.30pm                            All other classes finish
The school does not accept any responsibility for the supervision of children on the premises before 8.50. If it is raining children will be taken directly into their classrooms.
For Junior Infants the parents bring the children to and collect the children from their classroom at 12.00 for the first two weeks. Thereafter the children line in the yard, from which their teacher admits them at 8.50am. Each teacher will let their class know where they should line up. 
The teacher will bring out Junior and Senior Infant children to you at school finish.
For the first few days when Junior Infants come to the school they go to the yard at separate times from the rest of the boys and girls.  As there are 400 other boys and girls, the yard can be quite an intimidating place, so when they get used to their surroundings and the school, they will have the same break times as everyone else.  They have their own section in the yard where they can play in relative safety.
Supervision will be provided in the yard by teachers and at big break by both teachers and parents. Also boys and girls from the sixth class act as prefects and help to look after the Junior Infants when they are in the yard

Jumper / Cardigan                       Navy blue. Must have school crest.

Trousers / Pinafore / Skirt            Navy blue. Trousers must be school trousers 

Shirt / T-shirt / Blouse                 Pale blue. T-shirt must be aertex type.

Tie                                             School tie can be worn with shirt.

Socks / Tights                            Navy blue or white to be worn with pinafore or skirt.

Tracksuit                                    Red aertex t-shirt only to be worn with school tracksuit. 

Shorts                                        Navy blue shorts may be worn in summer time.

Note 1 Crested jumpers and cardigans can be purchased from the official uniform suppliers. Alternatively the school crest can be purchased from the school office for sewing onto jumpers and cardigans.

Note 2 Tracksuit to be worn on PE day or on a day your child has a sport related activity straight after school.  
Labelling:  Parents should ensure that all items are adequately labelled with their child’s details.

Official Uniform providers: Lynch’s of Marino, Tel: 8375225

It is the policy of the school to assign homework on a regular basis.  Generally homework will be given from Monday to Thursday but weekend homework may occasionally be given.

Junior and Senior Infants     5 – 10 mins.

Junior infant classes keep their schoolbooks in the classroom and will bring home their homework each day as needed. This is usual one A4 worksheet in an A4 plastic cover. As the year progresses they may also bring home a word box or books to read. These go back to school each day with the child.

The school will send out a book list in April / May, books and stationery can be ordered through the school. There is also a rental scheme in place for some of the school books.


ST FINTAN’S IS A NUT FREE ZONE. This applies for lunches, school outings and the annual cake sale.

Policies available on the school website include: Discipline, Uniform, Mobile phones, Enrolment and Healthy Eating.

St. Fintan’s are actively involved in promoting Green practices in the school. There is recycling of paper, plastics, stamps and batteries, and water conservation is also encouraged.
The teachers run a Summer Camp in July each year including a junior camp for children starting Junior Infants that September. Enrolment forms can be picked up from the secretary’s office in April.

The Parent’s Association issue a monthly school newsletter. This keeps us all up to date on what is happening in the school from class projects to fund raising events. These are sent home each month in your child’s homework folder.