Who are National Parents Council Primary?
National Parents Council Primary (NPC) is the nation-wide organisation representing parents of children attending early and primary education. NPC is recognised by the Government and the Education Act 1998 as the body representing you as parents.
Our aim is to improve and enrich the education of all children and support parents to get involved in their children's learning at home, in the community and at school.
The NPC has developed a new website which we hope will be more accessible & informative for parents. All content is available now, but in time sections of the site will be for registered members only. The NPC website is avaialble at www.npc.ie
About NPC
NPC has charitable status and is a company limited by guarantee. It has a board of directors and employs a chief executive and staff.

We negotiate with the Minister and Department of Education & Science for improvements in the education system and better resources for primary education.
We represent your views as parents, on curriculum, class size, school transport, health and safety and many other issues, you and other parents are concerned about. We are represented on a wide number of local, county and government working groups and committees.
We work for the rights and entitlements of parents and children and are very proud of our record in regards to children with special needs.
We work with teachers, management bodies and the department to promote partnership in local schools and at national level.
We provide an Information/Helpline that is open to all parents to seek help, information, support and a sympathetic ear. Tel: 01- 887 4477 Open Monday - Friday, 10am-3.30pm