New epayment system for debit/credit card


St. Fintan’s has been moving towards cashless payments for some time and we are grateful to parents for facilitating the school with electronic payments.

Recently we have installed an administrative software package called Aladdin which will make the process easier for parents and record the payments automatically on the school system. This Aladdin e-payment system will give you access from an internet browser on your computer, phone or tablet to make secure payments to the school using debit or credit card. The purpose of the e-payment system is to facilitate the easier payment of school money collections for parent’s guardians and to reduce the number of cheques in line with recent central bank directives.

Aladdin uses state of the art security to safeguard information entered by you and the school and data is stored in strict compliance with Irish data protection laws.

In the future, when money is due for any school activity that is relevant to your children, you will receive an e-mail messagecontaining your payment access link. This will bring you to a parent payment page which will contain all payments requested for all siblings in a family. There is only one link per family ensuring you have the option to pay all amounts due for all your family in one transaction. Once you have completed your payment, you will be issued with a reference number. You will also receive an e-mail receipt which will contain details of the transaction and reference number. Please quote this reference number if any queries you may have as regards this payment with the school.

We hope to use this system for all payments and especially in May and June when tracking book and requisite money is a headache. In order to test the system, and to ensure we have all correct e-mail addresses etc. we are collecting money for Yoga classes which every child has had access to both last year and this year. The yoga classes have been very popular with the pupils and last year the cost of these classes was sponsored. The cost for this year is €10 euro for the 8 sessions which the children receive. Please check your e-mails from today  25th February and pay by Friday 4nd March.

We hope that you will find this e-payments facility useful and user friendly and should reduce the cost of writing cheques which has increased greatly. The secretary, Sinead and myself will welcome any feedback or questions you may have.

Martin McInerney


A Thuismitheoiri,

Proclamation Day will take place in St.Fintan’s on Tuesday 15th March.

We will celebrate with a school assembly honouring our school’s connections to the Rising.We will also read our new Proclamation 2016 and we have planned some performances of traditional Irish music from some of the children in the senior classes.We will conclude the assembly by raising the National Flag given to our school in the first term.

Proclamation Day will also be a non-uniform day but there is a catch!! The children are asked to dress up as they would if at school in 1916.We suggest that the costumes be homemade and kept as simple as possible.

Looking forward to an exciting day!

The school is a very busy place all day but especially at drop off and collection times. In order to make it a safer place for our children we asked a traffic consultant to observe conditions both at the front and rear entrances to the school during these critical times.

As a result of this review it is suggested that any parents dropping and collecting at the front of the school should park on their left and not cross the centre line. Drivers should refrain from turning between the entrance to Duncarraig and the graveyard. Please avoid parking or turning in Old Castle Avenue as this obstructs the view of John, our school warden, as he assists children across the road safely. Finally do not park in the yellow marked clear zones in front of and opposite the school gate.

It is suggested that parents using Carrickbrack Hill and the school’s rear entrance should follow a one way system up Carrickbrack Hill parking on the left hand side only. Please avoid turning and parking in Carrickbrack Park cul de sac and at the corner near the school’s rear entrance. Many older children walk, cycle, scoot to and from school and their views, as well of those of other motorists, are impaired at present.

Please see the attached map for clarification. Thank you to everyone for your co-operation.

The Board of Management must ensure that all school work and associated activities at St. Fintans National School will be conducted in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions of the Safety, Health & Welfare Act 2005 and that all reasonable practicable measures will be taken to avoid risk to all its pupils, staff, sub-contractors, visitors or others who may be affected.